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of the efficiency presidential debate. a cnn poll of 430 people who watched the debate showed 67% thought romney won compared to 25% who thought president obama won. the cbs news poll of undecided voters found 46% siding with romney, 22% for mr. obama. and 32% saying it was a tie. >>> here is some of what both the president and romney said during last night's debate. >> i like the fact that in my state we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote. >> over the last two years healthcare premiums have gone up it is true but they have done up slower than ape time in the last 50 years. >> i put forward a specific 4 trillion dollar deficit reduction plan. >> my number 1 principal is there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only effect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class, it is math. >> i like big bird and you too, but i am not going to keep borrowing money from china t
aggressive. i felt like mitt romney ready to jump in and i thought the moderator is not fair about the whole thing. every time he jumped in, you let him go. >> and there is -- we've done these in 2008 ask other networks in the past. i'll tell you i have not had a group that swung so much. and this is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. thank you very much. we're going to check back in with frank and his focus group of undecided colorado jortz first joining me now with reaction to the first presidential debate is florida senator marco rubio. good to see you. >> good to see you this is the thing that was almost stunning to me in terms of the dominance of the debate. >> there is my take is that the president never faced tough questions. the media sucking up to him, he was not prepared. you know? >> i'm here on behalf of the romney campaign and supposed to tell you he won and barack obama lost. i'm not saying they asked me to. it's true this, is no way you can watch tonight and not reach that conclusion. but i don't want to approach this as an athletic competition. the president and his rhetoric hav
accurately and how many of you thought barack obama was a winner, how many of you thought mitt romney? understand this. 13 of the 24 people voted for obama in 2008. why did mitt romney do so well? >> i just respected his ability to speak to issues that he was on point. he looked like he was well prepared. i was very impressed. >> i agree. same thing. decisive. leadership. >> jordan? >> had passion and he's been try and talked about leadership, we need that. >> notice you're telling me attributes and not substansz. not issues. how he performed rather than where he stood. >> this is to talk about social issues. we understand his business background, how well he's done. we haven't heard anything substantial. tonight i heard what i needed to hear from him. so you are now a romney supporter? >> absolutely. >> you weren't coming in here? >> nope. >> how many of you hadn't made up your minds before you came in here? everyone? how many made up your minds because of the debate? >> that is significant. you're one of the youngest people here, how old are you? >> 25. >> you'd be voting for barack
. >> next is alex from indiana. what did you think? >> i thought mitt romney showed great poise during the debate. he just looked overall more polished than obama did. i thought the moderating was great. people have to get their views across. i believe that obama during the debate concluded even more to me that he is not what we need over the next four years. he has talked about the same things for the past year during the campaign, which is providing more safety nets for lower income people, putting in more government regulations on small businesses and big businesses, he has not taken china seriously, taking american jobs and being a money manipulator. he has added so much to the national debt to that he promised to reduce. i know it is not all of his fault and the congress is to blame, too, but he is the guy that has to take charge and get people realizing we are on a path to destruction. i think we need a new president in 2012. >> will also take some tweets. karl rove says -- next is a viewer watching us from oklahoma who is a democrat. this is gary. >> thank you. i thought the pre
things, we heard one of the feedback that someone says. they thought it seemed like romney pivoted hard on taxes, wall street. do you think that may have unsettled president obama, throwing him off his game tonight? >> i don't think the president who has a reputation may be having a thin skin, that did not succeed. the president was composed. he was his natural, cool, disposition. he smiled. he didn't sigh. he didn't look at his watch. he didn't do any of the things that were disturbing or distracting. but he just took the slings and arrows of romney. sometimes he counterattacked. i thought he did better as the debate went on, but romney, romney is behind. romney tried to show more compassionate self. the president philosophy was do no harm, don't make any serious mistakes and just take it and then make your point. in that regard, it was a minimal philosophy. he did fairly well. i think mitt romney accomplished what he set out to do, which was make his case. >> let me ask you, before this we heard mitt romney was going to come out with a lot of zingers tonight. do you think they were
in the georgia. caller: i thought it was a tremendous win for mitt romney. can you hear me ok? host: we are listening. caller: i think this is a game changer. i think he will be elected and he will be the greatest president in the history of the country. i could not even sleep last night. i thought it was a total home run. i am so fired up. everybody at the barbecue was so excited. i do not have the words to say -- i will turn it on like anything you have ever seen for the next five weeks. he will be the best president in history. host:next is ann, a president obama supporter. caller: good morning. i think exactly the opposite. i think mitt romney looked almost manic and his appearance. i have never seen him flailing his arms around. he told so many lies. he completely turned around all of the things he has been running on the for the past 18 months. he even through the tax policy away. he just changed everything. it was really unbelievable. i think many people looked at him being more aggressive. that is what they were rewarding. once people started paying attention to exactly why he s
and how many of you thought romney. 13 of these people voted for obama and two two voted for mccain. that's a big deal. why did mitt romney do so well. >> i respected his ability to speak to the issues and i thought he was on point and looked like he was well prepare i was very impressed. >> kathy? >> same thing. leadership. >> george? >> finally has passion . he was dry up to this point and he talked about leadership and bipartisanship. >> you are telling me the attributes and not the substance. was it how he performed. >> he was able to talk about social issues and we understand his business background but hadn't heard anything substantial and that changed my mind. i heard what i needed to hear from him. >> you are a mitt romney supporter? >> absolutely. >> how many of you had not made up your mind. everybody in the room. how many of you made up your minds. that is a lot of you and that is significant. >> later in the show we'll hear from undecided voterss and see what one moment that resonated with them the most. heather? >> thank you. the outlook of the economy was a big part of the d
you would say that. >> i thought the biggest difference between the two was that governor romney had a strategy and he had a plan. and he came in -- >> rose: he executed it. >> executed on it in an aggressive forceful way. president obama did not seem to have a plan, did not seem to have a strategy. seemed to be in a prevent defenses. he's been running a pretty safe campaign because he's been ahead for a while and feeling confident about where they are. he was like, looked like he was trying to stall out the clock. seemed to me like he was endure the debate more than engaging the debate. the visuals, talking to a lot of people in mike's profession. in any debate turn the sound off and just look at the visuals what you're seeing. president obama staring down, not making eye contact with governor romney nor the audience. that visual cue it's almost accepting the other guy's making a point you need to deal with as opposed to forcefully kind of staring them down in a pose of reputation. you never saw that with president obama tonight. i thought it was a curiously passive performance, an
a challenger. and as i say, i thought mitt romney did have a strong night and looked prepared and fresh and didn't look overprogrammed. if it comes down to a wash of detail there is where you get into this, i don't know everybody was following details. and even of don frank. you know? do people know details of what is in the financial regulation? not sure. so i think in the end that might end up being a wash. >> is there one bullet point saying you wish the president had gotten across on economics? what do you want it to have been? >> that is a good question. mitt romney leveled a series of accusations against the president and kept increasing in that this charge that the president was cutting $716 billion for medicare. it doesn't seem like the president got a chance to that he refuted that. it's been an ongoing debate. critics of the governor saying well, wait a minute, romney yin plan has that same cut in this and i think the president probably should have done more. >> thank you. >> great to see you again, greta. >> time is running out early voting underway in many states. does our n
for analysis. brit hume and joe trippi. okay, brit. your thoughts? >> well, you are right, governor romney came out. he was aggressive. when do you that, you are always in danger of seeming rude or... pugneighbors. i don't think he d. -- bug -- pugnacious. high seemed to display extraordinary knowledgeability. i don't think president obama had a bad night in the sense that he was way off his game. he was a lot like the president obama we are used to hearing. i don't think he seemed rusty. but i don't think he had the spark or the energy or the precision tonight that governor romney had. governor rom he in a good night. he didn't have a big moment that becomes a sound bite and affects how people look back on the debate. but this was a strong performance by governor romney. he needed one. i think he got it. >> joe? >> i think romney did himself a lot of good tonight. he was there on the issues. he knew his stuff. he didn't back down to the president or the moderator. and he didn't -- he didn't cross the line because you can do thie backfired on him. i watched obama debate a lot in primaries when
romney had the better of the dbate. i thought he dispelled stereotypes of individualists. i thought he looked happier to be there. i thought he was certainly more aggressive. and finally i guess i would say the president missed out on a lot of opportunities to mention the 47%, to echo some of the themes the democratic ad campaigns which have been so successful. i thought on balance it was a good night for mitt romney. griewd what did you think about that, mark? >> i was amazed the 47% didn't come up. i think what we saw more than anything the rust from the president not having been in a debate, quite frankly, for four years. and i thought that mitt romney, the challenger always, with the president, gets an advantage, just by being there on the same stage and beeb at least equal. i thought that romney did quite well in making his case. he seemed comfortable. he seemed confident. he didn't seem mean spirited. i was amazed the president didn't rebut the the $716 billion charge. it's a phony charge. it's been-- i mean, it's been fact checked after fact checked, and the president-- that's w
the context of how good mitt romney was tonight. >> i thought that in terms of individual exchanges i think what may have been most notable, there wasn't i think a single direct attack against mitt romney from president obama. however, they substantively dealt with policy matters. >> he was looking down tonight. he was passive. he was abstract in his answers. mitt romney was talking about real people, giving real examples. i thought he was clear. he was concise. i think the president was muddled tonight. i just wonder, we talked about this earlier. when you're the incumbent president in the united states, you're not used to be challenged and pushed in the way you get challenged and pushed in these debates and i think it was every bit for the president as bad a performance add george w. bush had in his first debate against john kerry. >> the president had an opportunity tonight. he created a problem for himself on social security tonight. he agrees with mitt romney. every liberal in this country knows that mitt romney wants to privatize social security down the road. and to do a deal with th
answers. mitt romney was talking about real people, giving real examples. i thought he was clear. he was concise. i think the president was muddled tonight. i just wonder, we talked about this earlier. when you're the incumbent president in the united states, you're not used to be challenged and pushed in the way you get challenged and pushed in these debates and i think it was every bit for the president as bad a performance add george w. bush had in his first debate against john kerry. >> the president had an opportunity tonight. he created a problem for himself on social security tonight. he agrees with mitt romney. every liberal in this country knows that mitt romney wants to privatize social security down the road. and to do a deal with the devil on that would be the wrong thing to do. i think the president created a big problem for himself. i don't think he explained himself very well on the economy. i thought he was off his game. i was stunned tonight. rash elyou just mentioned about time, the president needs to get in and fight for that time. there's people that expect him to
romney. look, mitt romney, i got to say honestly, did he what he needed to do last night. i thought the president was fine. i'm sure he'll do much better coming up, and, of course, today was important for him. i think one of the most important things that needs to be reiterated coming out of last night is how often mitt romney just plain lied. for the president, you know, he had to balance between how much of his time was he going to take correcting that and how much of his time was he going to take trying to talk about his own ideas. >> karen, do you accept that the president was perhaps a little flat last night? >> you know what? i do, but i'll tell you something interesting. i actually listened to it after watching it. i was listening to it in the car and it was a lot better if you listen to it, i can tell that you, if that makes you feel better. yeah, that was not the barack obama that i think any of us were expecting to see, and i will tell you i think that part of what made people so frustrated was that there were so many times where you just wanted him to punch you in the nos
, there was a lot of policy. on medicare i thought romney admitted that he wanted to voucher medicare. it is an ideological difference it was a good debate. you should have the debate about how you want to do it. i do believe it's important that currently tire reez will see 11 -- current retirees will see $11,000. so those are differences we can talk about, whether that's under obama care or not. but let's have the philosophical difference. he believes the competition is going to drive it. there was a pole today. 93% of seniors like medicare the way it is. >> wait. they're not going to like the 716. >> at the very early polling right after the debate, did the president seem to falter at all? >> previous debate performances haven't been that strong. for all of the joking about the expectation, the president is really good at conversation and speeches. debates have been a little more of an awkward format. again, i thought governor romney won tonight in terms of what was in front of us. i think we're going to see some fallout from that. so, you know, i think what the president did was he
line. >> i watched the debate for a second time tonight, and the first time i thought romney had him back on his heels of a lot. the second time through, i really did not see much difference or hear anything new from either one of them. romney seems to have been able to sugarcoat his theory of cutting spending, getting rid of what he would call our entitlements. obama was able to put a little different face on things. the second time through, i really don't think there was much of a gain by either one. >> your thoughts on a republican president? >> the first time through, i thought president obama was a little back on his heels the first time through. the second time through, i felt like he really stated his. and he was accurate. romney was able to turn around and kind of twist things, the way they have been doing. i thought rod did ok. i guess i was expecting him to be a little more aggressive -- i thought barack did ok. >> not only can you post your opinion on facebook, there was a poll we were taking of who won the first presidential debate. people weighing in st. mitt romney by a
of the attack lines of mitt romney whether he thought romney was selling lies or half truths, whatever. it get under his skin. it feeds a narrative, and maybe you can address this, that the president has a thin skin, and if you get under it, you got a cornucopia. what do you say? >> i don't think that's the case at all, neil. i think that the president is as cool as they come. he certainly was in the debate stage tonight speaking directly to the american people, and not interested in any punches from his opponent, but laying out the choice in the election and his plans. really speaking past the cameras directly to the millions of americans watching across the country. we know that he's calm and steady-headed in a crisis, and that's a quality that mitt romney, obviously, does not share. he was a little bit catchy tonight. you have seen him tested on the world stage, alienated our allies overseas. you saw the reaction to the events in libya going out before -- neil: you're right to raise those examples, and i know you got to ago, but i appreciate you taking the time. one thing that stuck out to
thought wow, this is over. i thought romney was very bold. but he was also something different that he was fresh. and there is a huge gulf between the man that had been painted in the media and by the obama campaign for the last seven or eight months. and then the person they saw last night. that's why i think it was so effective for mitt romney because people were so surprised. wait, like who is this guy? this is not the guy we thought he was. and so he had a great debate. incumbents presidents usually don't do well on the first debate in their election year. so obama will have a couple more chances. no doubt, there is only one person in america who thinks he won the debate. and he happens to be with us here today. >> did you take your medication or are you -- >> i'm so delighted to be the skunk at our garden party this afternoon. [ laughter ] i must tell you. first of all, i think twitter and the whole blogosphere thing made that the first presidential debate scored minute by minute and it drove the consensus that obama was crushed. obama was devastated. you know what? this is such -
of the things i thought was really interesting about the debate, including, of course, the fact that romney won it and everybody knows it, including obama's campaign energies, romney seemed like he understood the issues better than obama did. it was striking to me when romney said, for example, well, yes, president obama, i agree with training, but there are 47 different programs and 8 agencies and that cost as a lot of money and we need to consolidate, and by the way, your support of green energy is costing $90 billion. he did a masterful job of showing he knows the issues. >> let's see what viewers thought, next. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female annou
n did one with two-thirds thought that romney won . twitter, watching live from the couches. bill maeh. i can't believe i am saying this. obama looks like he does need a teleprompter. >> gretchen: and a tweet from larry sabito. i can't wait to hear the back story how a obama debate team misjudged the face off. poor prep. >> brian: by the y firing back angry big bird opened up her twitter site or is it a he. if you know. >> steve: his first name is pat. >> brian: maybe. all right. said i like pbs and in response to mitt romney. how can romney cut big bird. the more he tweets and the angrier i got. i put it on twitter. i asked what people thought and zillions of responses and one of which is from, they say that romney's new song how do you like me now. >> gretchen: london telegraft said mitt romney is not like ronald reagan obama looks like jimmie carter. >> steve: a number of people on the left said this is not going well for our guy in the debate. in fact, afterwards, they couldn't blame the president for being poorly prepared, but members of the campaign blamed jim lehrer for bei
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 183 (some duplicates have been removed)